About the owner

sailor moon human luna cosplay
Hello there! I'm HelloChica89 AKA Sarah A. I am the founder and owner of Hello Fashion Boutique and my blog, My Geek Parade! Ever since I was 15 years old, I wanted to start my own boutique. I opted out the business major my freshman year of college because I did not want to take calculus! (True story.) I am currently a special education teacher and I love it!  

In addition to being a boutique owner, I plan to blog about my journey to become a professional voice actress/singer one day. In my spare time I enjoy painting, cosplaying, singing, watching cartoons and sleeping. I used to fence in high school and I am hoping to get back into that too!

I hope that you enjoy my ode to geekdom as much as I do. Stay geeky. Stay quirky. Stay nerdy.